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Who we are?

Finding reliable help can be a daunting task in our community, Wesabi Story

Wesabi is a Pidgin word that means We know. We know trusted and skilled Artisans to help with your home repairs and Installations.

Some time ago, one of our Cofounders had just moved to a new apartment in a suburb of Abuja. He needed a Plumber to get his leaking sink fixed, and an AC expert to install ACs in his new apartment. He naturally had to use the most popular method of getting Artisans like calling friends, who in turn call friends and friends of friends to recommend an Artisan. Not only was the process extremely cumbersome, it lacked any form of quality assurance.

WESABI; is a platform where Home Owners and Offices could come and request for a reliable and well-trained plumber, electrician, AC repair expert, painter, cleaner, washing machine and refrigerator repair experts; anything that had to with home or office repairs with just a few clicks.

Our Mission Is Simple:

Make Finding craft-men as simple as it could get.

We believe not only in offering the customers with the best professional artisans and handymen in the neighborhood, but also to empower the well-trained Artisans and handymen by providing them with an increased revenue and a larger pool of clients, we will in turn encourage the majority, whom are not properly trained to go get a proper education in their skill because without that, they won’t be able to get on our platform. These chain reactions could be what Africa needs in breeding the right set of well trained and highly skilled professionals out there.

Get discovered by thousands of people around you who needs things done

Earn more income doing what you love, become a service provider on Wesabi and get discovered.