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    EKODerattus ServiceNigeria Ltd is a branch of an Italian company, registered in Nigeria at No.1 Nairobi Street, Abuja FCT. The company is a leader worldwide in pest control, mosquito fumigation and sanitation with the last generation of eco-friendly equipment.We provide a wide range of Pest Control Services to both commercial and domestic premises. EkoDerattus Service Nigeria Ltd with our other company branch's operate directly in Italy, Ireland, USA and Canada and our success can be easily seen by the successful projects in partnership with our other companies worldwide where we supply our own equipment and chemical material. Our combination of skilled & technical manpower gives our clients 100% results, using high standard ECO-friendly Pest Control Chemicals and Products. We provide vehicle fumigation system, and all our equipment and products are safe and respect all the rules of WHO, World Health Organization. EKO Derattus Services Nigeria Ltd supplies a wide range of Pest Management Services from a small eradication job to complete pest prevention services, with top management having over 8 years of experience in pest prevention; you can be best assured that you will have results and remedies to your pest problem. Our goal at EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd is to provide safe and effective, eco-friendly, pest control at a fair and reasonable price. Safety, reliability and professionalism are principles of practice each and every day. Eko Derattus Services offers ecological and definite systems for rodent extermination and pest control in every environments. EKO Derattus Service, your strength against pests. Eko Green is the system that renders every environment clean and safe. The innovative eco-friendly pest management system for rats. SLYTRAP has been designed for pest control operators and situations where self-managed rodent control is critical. It captures rats and mice continuously! THE STRUGGLES AGAINST RATS AND MICE... A problem that mankind has never managed to overcome, and which according to the World Health Organization, every year causes a loss of 33 million tons of food. WHAT IS EKO GREEN SYSTEM? It's a system of continuous and multiple captures: "The first innovative and ecological method of rodent control, that allows effective monitoring activities and biological fight against Rodents". Eko Green System has important end-user benefits: • It's 100% ecological; • It's safe; • It's simple, it uses easy control methods; • It works, it guarantees the continuous multiple capture of rats; • It's Hygienic. How does Eko Green System work? Eko Green System achieves 100% results by following the necessary steps before, during and after. • Positioning of the equipment. • Monitoring of equipment (every 15 days). • Phase of capture. • Phase of collecting captured rodents. • Phase of reporting. EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd primary targets are: • Food Industry: (Reg CE 178/2002) - primary industries (farming, zootechnics...) - food transformation (mills, logistics company, distribution, sales industry, hotels, catering, restaurants etc.); • Hospitals and Clinics; • Tourism Industry; • Public Structures (schools, airport, etc.); • Urban areas (public, gardens, parks...); • Non food industry. The need to deal with the presence of rats and various insects in these environments becomes a necessity in order to render every space: • Functional as well as to project to your customers a concrete image of complete control and professionalism of public operations. • Safe. • Upholding all hygienic standards and health requirements of the environment. Thanks to the combination of advanced technology, ecological products and professionalism, EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd is capable of satisfying the diverse needs of the client. EKO Derattus traps: 1. Long Lasting Results. 2. Eliminate bad odors from dead rodents. 3. Contain the rat carcasses keeping them out of sight, in addition ensuring not to alarm the rat colonies of a threat. 4. Do not intervene with the operation and functionality of:airports, hotels, offices etc... 5. Safe for humans, pets, and The Environment. Our Services EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd is able to offer a definite and long lasting solution: 1. Rodent Extermination Since rodent infestation has often presented itself as a problem, preceding methods of extermination combining both modern and older technology have proven to be hazardous. Gnawing of cable and wiring, have become a major problem causing Electrical fires, Telephone and Network data interruptions in alot of the private and public sectors. Rodents are among the most common types of infestation. Managing to infiltrate any type of building and have been know to cripple entire organizations Such as: • Airports. • Manufacturing and industrial Companies. • Schools • Offices. etc... This is a global problem worldwide especially in aviation. EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd is able to offer a definite solution: an innovative ecofriendly pest system management system for rats, which continuously captures and traps the rodents, using completely natural bait. This guarantees the prevention as well as the solution concerning the safety of the environment and eliminating the danger of poisonous hazards for humans and pets. Every trap is equipped with: • A highly sensitive pressure sensor; • A series of devices capable of attracting and outsmarting the rodents; • A lock sealed container guaranteeing the maintenance of hygiene and safety regulations using ecofriendly disinfectant. The system uses natural bait thus ensuring environmentally friendly waste, making it ideal for areas in which food is meant to be prepared and stored. EKO Derattus Services Nigeria Ltd provides half monthly check ups by our technicians to monitor the rat colony discretly and securly. 2. Airport Bird Control System The development of urbanization and industrialization, have increased the establishment of numerous colonies of pigeons and other birds within or in the vacinity of locations such as airports or more accurately airport runways. It is therefore important to carry out an effective and cost effect way to remove birds. The risk of their presence around airport runways is: • An element of disturbance. • They undermine the safety of the crew, passengers and the aircraft. In fact, birds often impact the aircraft or are drawn into the turbines, thereby reducing the power during the crucial stages of landing and take-off, causing accidents. • They significantly hinder the timely operation and functionality of the airport causing problems related to delays in arrivals and departures; • The accumulation of droppings, feathers and decomposed carcasses presents itself as a serious risk to the health of humans and domestic animals. all these are ideal for the development of germs and bacteria, as well as attracting other animals such as rodents. EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd is able to offert the decisive solution to birds in the airport. We offer professional removal of unwanted birds in any facility with the use of the latest and most effective devices that are the result of thorough research and testing, thus resulting in a guaranteed method of bird removal. EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd offers a devices that involves the emmiting of Powerful ultrasounds UHF sound waves that repel the birds, keeping them from approaching the premises. The frequencies of the ultrasound are above the threshold of human hearing and, therefore, are not harmful to Humans or the birds. EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd also offers a wide varaity of Bird nets and Plastic Barriers. 3. Bed Bugs prevention Every mattress needs protection! EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd offers and distributes a wide range of protective bedding products, which are able to help a create a dry, hygienic, bed bug free and anti-allergy sleep zone while protecting the mattresses warranty. Get rid of Bed bugs! Bed bugs are small pests, which feed on human blood. Bed bugs generally make their nest inside a bed, normally infesting the entire bed, including the beddings, pillows, headboards, box springs and other surrounding areas. These pests cause itchy red swellings. If your sleep environment is infested by bed bugs, you can get rid of these irritanting pests, through bed bugs protectors. The functionality and effectiveness of these, is focused on the fact that a mattress is in close personal use daily and demands hygienic protection. As awareness of sleep environment hygiene grows, more and more cleaner has become the convinction of the importance of protecting mattresses and pillows against liquids, dust mites and other invasive allergens: something that a mattress pad can't guarantee. EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd offers a complete line of bedding and health protection products for: • pillows; • mattresses; • box springs. Thanks to our bed bugs protectors it is finally possibile to permanently get rid of bed bugs. 4. Pest Control The benefits of pest control with the EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd Insects cause very serious problems and discomforts. Viruses, bacteria, molds, algae, yeasts and protozoa are micro-organisms present in all natural environments of the earth. Many of them are harmful to human health and can result in the emergence of infectious diseases. Air-conditioning ducts, for example, are carriers of viruses and bacteria. Insects such as beetles and cockroaches may act as a vehicle for a variety of pathogenic micro-organisms, including Enterobacter, Salmonella spp, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococci and mycobacteria, and other parasites (nematodes and cestodes) that are hazardous to humans and animals. EKO Derattus is able to offer the definite solution to this problems and discomforts. With the use of cutting-edge methods, EKO Derattus can radically destroy these pests either by spraying, fogging or fumigation that can cover large areas. EKO Derattus’ pest control methods are created using various equipment depending on the scope of extermination, such as pressure atomizers for external areas and/or pressure pumps and electrical nebulizers for internal areas, in addition to using the latest products at very low toxicity. All exterminations are carried out safely to insure the prevention of harm to humans and animals. Thanks to its pest control, EKO Derattus Service Nigeria Ltd is able to guarantee some important benefits: • Eliminates the risk of diseases. All insects and cockroaches can be potential carriers of a large number of diseases (such as salmonella) that threaten the health of the public; • Eliminates the risk of contamination. Food contaminated by cockroaches renders it unsuitable for consumption due to the fact that the harmful odors generated by pheromones emitted by the beetles that may remain even after cooking the food; • Eliminates fear. The presence of beetles and cockroaches generates fear and anxiety as well as creates a negative image for the company; • Eliminates damages. Beetles and cockroaches are omnivorous insects and can cause extensive damage to electrical elements. They can, for example, overload electrical systems because of their infiltration into electrical sockets. The pest control service consists of a series of operations to eradicate the presence of winged insects (flies, wasps, mosquitoes and common tiger, etc.) And crawling (ants, cockroaches, etc.). The treatment may be for adulticide (against adult winged insects) or antilarval: • Adulticide Fight: treatments against mosquitoes or other pests of the green insects are carried out with high-pressure atomizer CEE with cannon or low pressure with handgun. The spray nozzles produce a very fine mist that allows suspension in the air for the fight against mosquitoes and other winged insects, allowing the residual power of the insecticide to persist in the months following the treatment. • Antilarval Fight: Treatment is done by placing a slow release chemical tablet in grids and Storm collector which prohibits the growth of the larvae to adulthood. The process for ditches and channels, however, is done with the same product but in liquid form, sprayed through the atomizer into the water stagnation points. • Fighting winged and crawling pests indoors: electrical nebulizers and low pressure manual pump or gel distributed syringes are used. The bait is protected and carefuly placed, therefore there is no risk that children or pets can ingest it. In each formul, there is the denatonium benzoate which is a bitter substance, that allows the chemical to target intended pest and not domestic pets. General Infestation Cockroaches : Cockroaches have been on the Earth for two hundred and fifty million years. Cockroaches are widely distributed pests that are annoying and when abundant, they are also destructive. Cockroache sdestroy food, damage fabrics, book bindings and other materials. When cockroaches run over food they leave filth and may spread diseases likedy sentery, diarrhea, salmonellosis (food poisoning) and asthma. Nigeria is know for it American Cockroaches: American Cockroach American Cockroach: American cockroaches are common in commercial premises associated with the production or handling such area as sinks, drains, cookers, the back of cupboards and in refrigerator motor compartments. Ants : Ants Ants are social insects, living in colonies; colonies typically produce 4 to 5 generations a year. Individuals from different colonies are not hostile to one another and workers normally more along trails. . Ants usually construct their nests in walls specially around hot water pipes and heater, around sinks, cupboards etc. Ants prefers to eat foods with high protein content and grease such as meats and cheese, outside, they are often found in exposed soil but mostly under objects. SilverfishAnt,FirebratAnt Silverfish Silverfish eat a wide variety of foods, including glue, wallpaper paste, bookbinding, paper, photographs, and starch in clothing, cotton linen, rayon fabrics, wheatflour, cereals, dried meats, leather and even dead insects. Spiders Spiders : They are common house dwellers, they have distinct long – legs, webbing in corners and ceiling /walljoints. They are often found on windows. They are common on shrubs and weeds around the house. They feed on otherpest. Methods of Treatment : • FOR RESIDENTIAL PREMISES Gel or cockroach bait can be applied in sensitive areas such as electrical control boxes, kitchen appliances, trolleys, pantry, in corners of cupboards, wardrobs and in wooden furniture's etc. . Odorless chemical solution shall be sprayed in nooks and corners to control crawling insects like ants, roaches, spiders, silverfish etc. Sprayingwill be done to all skirting level, windows and wash rooms. There is no need to empty drawers, cover up food or make any special preparations prior to treatments and no need to leave premises during or after the treatment. Even infants and parents can stay indoors. • ADVANTAGES OF TREATMENT o A Totally odorless service. o It is not necessary to empty out the kitchen, hence convenient. o This treatment is safe, quick, effective and stress free. o Long-lasting and highly efficient treatment. o The treatment can be carried out at any time of the day. • ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT o We provide three major services per year at an interval of four months for residential premises. o For commercial accounts, frequency is decided upon inspection. o All interim calls are attended free of charge. o A service warrantee of one year is given from the date of 1st service. MOSQUITO CONTROL These blood sucking insects cause nuisance by their irritating bites and also transmit many diseases like malaria, dengue, filarial, yellowfever, ChikunGunya etc. Beetle implements larvicidal and adulticidal methods including sanitation to overcome mosquito problem. Mosquito Control operations can be done in Housing colonies, towns, townships, villages, industrial areas etc Mosquito Life Cycle: The female mosquito requires blood for development of her eggs and hence only females bite humans, while the males live on plant nectar. The mosquitoes commonly found in and around human habitation are : AnophelesSpp: Responsible for causing Malaria. Anopheles breeds in stagnant collections of clean water such as ponds, lakes, overhead tanks, underground tanks etc. This mosquito isactiveafterdusk. CulexSpp:Responsible for causing filariasis, which causes fever and acute swelling of the lymphglands. Culex breeds in stagnant collections of polluted water such as drains, gutters, septic tanks etc. It is the common house mosquito and a major nuisance after dusk, biting heavily, leading to sleepless nights. Aedes Spp:Responsible for causing Dengue and chikungunya. Aedes breeds in man - made collections of clean water such as water coolers, pots, old tyres, can, empty bottles, flower vases etc. This mosquito is a day biter. Mode of Treatment As first 3 stages of mosquitoes are associated with water, the treatment is mainly divided in two parts Larval Management: Larval stage is the weakest link in mosquito life cycle. Mosquito breeds in stagnant water. Larval treatment will be carried out, after identifying breeding places, using suitable larvicide. Adult Management Adult management can be carried out by using following two methods. A)Indoor and Outdoor Residual spraying: The treatment consists of thorough spray of insecticides having residual effect, shall be sprayed on inside and outside area of wallsurface. B) Misting: Misting (Application of insecticides in the form of fine droplets) also can be carried out to control adult mosquitoes. This treatment is generally suggested for the compound area gardens. CONTACTS EKO Derattus Service No.1, Nairobi Street off Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse II – Abuja Nigeria Tel. 07067198730

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